Hobonichi on the way!

I’ve heard good things of the Hobonichi since I join the journalling community late 2015. I wasn’t convinced to buy one as I’m happy to stick with writting in a blank midori inserts that I made myself.

I make myself to write a little notes each day. I can write as much as I want or as little.


The convinience of using a blank midori inserts is that I could continue writting on the next day without wasting any pages. But thing gets harder when we had a trip to South Island where we were driving everyday & it is too tiring at the end of day where I often snooze in with the kids. I start to have unwritten days & it piles up.

I tired noting each special moments down in my monthly calender, but sometimes, in the special moment, I just want to write something for that day & I’m stucked… How many pages should i leave blank for me to write?? What if it’s not enough pages? & I tell myself, I’m going to order an Hobonichi for 2017.

Not long after I made my decision, I came across the Hobonichi web again, & found that they actually had a spring version which starts at April 2016. That’s perfect for me & I jump on and order one in. The whole process is a breeze & everything is in English.

I order the original Hobonichi Techo Spring in Japanese  & a Mother 2 Cast cover. I hope the A6 size won’t be too small, but even tho it is, I can alwasy order the A5 size next year.



April monthly sheets

I have been busy during Easter holiday to finish my April monthly sheets free printables. I truely enjoy drawing them this month & having lots of fun. I have had some request for the uncoloured version, I might share them here, but no promise as I’m really not good at the post editing with computer.

File 29-03-16 11 19 31 am

This month’s inspiration is from the favourite french patisserie that I go often. I always gets undecisive when it comes to which one to order. The tarts, gateux, breads, sweets, pastries, macarons… I can name them all day and I’m often irresistable to the those that have fresh strawberries on them. They are too pretty. Here are some pretty little sweets that I just had lately. Milse in Britomart Auckland Downtown has a great variety of sweets on display. If you order something in a jar, you will get a free macaron if you bring back the jar. I went home & found that I’ve got 8 of them at home & brought back for 8 different macarons. Yummy!!

I also had some questions on this month’s sheet for being hard to cut out. So I made a little diagram on how I cut them out. You might want to print 2 copies, 1 to cut & 1 to keep. I found printing it in postcard size very cute too.

So here’s how I do it:

April-how to

First I cut out each panel as shown with the dotted lines, then you will have 3 panels. I then cut out each individual item from the shelves. You can also cut out the roof to use as decoration too. I will show more on how I use them in the future post. For the mean time, I hope you enjoy it & happy planning/journalling/crafting.

Monthly Sheets

One of my 2016 resolution is to journal a little each & every day to record the little moments in my life. After using some diary sheets made by some wonderful  & talented illustrators around the world, I decide to give it a go on doing my version of monthly sheets. I have no set theme but just something I feel like doing & matches my style of journalling.

March theme is all about animals. I had lots of fun drawing & colouring them & the funnest of all is to print them onto stickers papers & cutting them out BY HAND. I found this very therapeutic.


I’m giving out this printable sheets for free each month thru email newsletter of my shop. To have it send to your inbox each month, just subscribed to our newsletter.


Unboxing my large Kikki K black textured leather planner

With 20% discount storewide + $10 off birthday coupon + $15 Westfield gift cards, I had/need/want/must get a Kikki K large planner which I have been scouting for a long long time.

I was indecisive when I was in store as there are too many choices. I like the perforated peach and ice blue but I thought it might be easy to get dirty with 2 young boys at home. And I like the new peach watermelon with quote on the cover, but it’s elastic closure. And then I like the fabric watermelon too, but again, it might get dirty easily, so at last, I get myself a black leather planner.


The planner box looks as pretty as the planner itself.


All wrapped in a piece of tissue paper to protect it.


Out of the box. I love the gold snap closure and the textured leather.


Pretty plain but I like the fabric lining of it. Simple yet sophisticated.

IMG_3040 IMG_3042

Kikki K in action. I’m loving more & more, I can decorate it in any colour without the fear of colour crash.

Putting my Erin Condren into my Kikki K

I have been using the Kikki K cute diary since 2010. After joining the wonderful world of Instagram, I’ve discovered the Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP). A nice lady from a Facebook planner group that I joined had an ECLP for sale which starts Oct 2015 till the end of 2016. This is where I got my first ECLP vertical.

IMG_3164 IMG_3134

I’m in love with it when it first arrives. I flip it page by page from cover to cover and I was amazed by the paper quality. I love the space it has and the quote and the colours and more space for customisation. The only downside for me is that it doesn’t have the day in one page where I can plan out my day. I hope I can combined my Kikki K with my ECLP.

IMG_3353 IMG_3348

(Kikki K large planner and Erin Condren side by side. They are pretty similar in size.)

So one day, while browsing around the net, I found Wenda’s tutorial and video I uncoiled my ECLP and trimmed and punched it into my large Kikki K black textured leather planner.

IMG_3357 IMG_3368

First, I uncoiled it. It needs a little bit of strength at the beginning to open up the coil but once its open, it gets pretty easy.

IMG_3369 IMG_3370

And then I trim about 1cm from the holde side of ECLP.


And then I punch some holes on them. I’m blessed with a six hole punch and it take 6 sheets each time which saves a lot of time.

IMG_3372 IMG_3377

All done in less than an hour. I like the look of it & it fits nicely inside.

After 2 weeks with my new Kikki ECLP,


  1. I like that I could have everything in one planner. No more flipping thru multiple planners.
  2. Flipping thru the page is much more easier now.
  3. I love that I can add in more pages, notes & daily plans in between the weeks. But this will make it bulky and hard to close, so here comes the


  1. Adding too much pages makes the snap hard to close. In saying that, I have almost the whole ECLP in my Kikki K, I decide to take 2015 pages out once it’s over.
  2. Because of the trimming and punching, some dates on the left side of monthly pages are gone.

IMG_3373 IMG_3374

Afterall, I love this set up and love the ECLP. Will I still get en ECLP next year? Maybe not. I might design a similar inserts to suit my needs. For now, I love it soooooo much.

IMG_3413 IMG_3397